Micahla™ Nighty Caps are perfect for saving moms’, dads’ and grandparents’ valuable time. These lightweight mesh bonnets help ensure that their hair stays in place overnight.

Since most children do not like to wear anything over their heads and easily become to hot the Micahla™ Nighty Caps are made with light-weight mesh material. The breathable power-mesh prevents children’s scalps from sweating and keeps the child comfortable throughout the night. The wide band keeps the night cap’s endurance and longevity to be able to last through any wash cycle and dryer. The mesh and nylon gives the Micahla™ Nighty Caps stretching power. They can also be worn on the playground to keep sand and debris out of children’s hair. Available in 4 colors, brown, black, hot pink & baby pink.

Click here to Order your nightcap for $5.99 plus shipping

Order your nightcap for $5.99 plus shipping